How it Works

Welcome to the self pouring revolution…a world in which you can pour your own beer by the ounce! Never wait for a bartender again. Never buy a full pint of something you don't like. 


The world of craft beer should be about exploring new beers and deciding which deserve a full pint.

Congratulations. You are now a POURTENDER: a taste tester & bartender in one!

(Have no beer fear...our brew curators will be close by to help you with any pouring knowledge or help you may need along the way.)

Welcome to the taproom.

  1. Arrive at Pour Bros. ready to have a great time.
  2. Upon arrival, check in with a member of our staff to open a tab and get your pouring card.
  3. Head to the pour wall…you will likely be greeted by a beer curator.
  4. Tap the tablet screens above the taps to read the tasting notes for each brew. Find one that sounds great. Now you are ready to pour.


  1. Pick your drinking vessel...We have tasters, snifters, and full pint glasses to choose from.
  2. Scan your pouring card across the Pour Bros logo on the tablet of each beer you would like to pour.
  3. Hold your glass near the tap and tilt your glass allowing the beer to softly cascade along the sidewall of the glass.
  4. Grab the tap handle and pull it all the way towards you quickly.
  5. Close the tap handle whenever you have the amount of beer you desire.
  6. Taste and repeat sampling the full gamut of beers, wines, ciders, and meads.
  7. At the end of your pouring session hand your pouring card to a member of our staff to check out. We will scan your card and tell you how many ounces you poured.

Love at first pour!

Shannon Halford