We're Expecting...

we're expecting.jpeg

When our dream became a fast success in Peoria Heights, we began looking around for a potential second location and found out quickly that this task would not be easy.

We discovered through trial and error that the number one asset we were looking for was a close-knit community. Most towns have cool buildings with plenty of people and plenty of beer. However, a community that respects its local history and at once embraces culture, arts and small town values is where people like us seek out lifelong relationships.

champaign best.jpg

We found this in Peoria Heights.

And it didn't take long to decide on our new addition once we set our focus on a community we respected just as much as our first-born...

pb champaign.jpeg

Oh hey there, Champaign.

Pour Bros. knew Champaign would be our second home the minute we arrived. 

We believe a business like ours can thrive in a community with a beating heart like Champaign-Urbana. We were beyond impressed with its small town business charm in the midst of a thriving downtown (a combination that is very hard to achieve and maintain). Take this and add a bustling state university that becomes a melting pot of new ideas and culture, and...YES.

We have deep roots in this town. And we're ecstatic to come home to this amazing community.

P.S. We love food...we just don't want to make it. We hope you will follow along as we establish new partnerships with local restaurants and food trucks in building our new home in beautiful Champaign.

Thank you for joining us!

Shannon Halford